... have decided.

What have I decided?

Well, first and foremost, I would like to apologise for suddenly disappearing for... 1 year and 5 months. I'll admit that it's mostly because I was busy and just plain lazy. Also, I keep on forgetting that I have blogs and people who actually read them. Which I appreciate, rest assured~

Anyways, what I've decided is that this blog would mainly be used as a travel log or some sort. It doesn't have to only be international travels but it also encompasses the local ones. Something as minor as my class trip would also be posted here. Ahahahaha, no, I'm not trying to escape updating this blog, what are you guys talking about?!

... fine, you've seen right through me (or not lol!). It's just that, I don't think that I could write things twice, you know? Well, for travel stuff, I might be able to do that but as for my daily life? It's not that interesting until I could retell it in another way! But, I wish it was...

Anyways, if you wish to keep up to date with my daily life and even read the things that I'll be complaining and whining about, feel free to drop by at my blogger blog. Don't worry, I'll post a link here~!

Magical link, GO!!

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Nickname:: Amy
Occupation: Executive (Contracts and Costs)
Location: Malaysia
Blood type: B
Zodiac: Libra, Metal Horse

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